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Price Match Guarantee

We will match the lower price + top up 10% of the price difference within 10 days of your purchase

We do a lot of things to deliver lowest prices. We check competitor prices and, whenever we find a lower price, we drop our price so we stay lowest.

However, if you find a lower price from an online retailer or an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it.

Or if you recently bought something from us and it is now listed at a lower price, let us know too.

Don't forget our price guarantee excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. Our price guarantee applies to any lower price on an item that is currently stocked and available from an online store, or in a physical store in Malaysia. It applies where the other retailer’s final price, inclusive of delivery, taxes, fees and charges, is lower than our price on the day that the price guarantee is requested.


    Kindly fill up the form over here.


    • To be eligible for the Aneka Home Essentials Price Match Guarantee, you must fill up this form on the date of your purchase, or within ten (10) days from the date of purchase, evidence of any genuine competitor's advertised price for identical product (i.e, same brand, colour, model and quality) as advertised in a local daily newspaper, catalogue, radio, television advert or website. The competitor must have, or had the identical product in stock at the time the product was purchased by you.
    • The identical product must be at lower price than the advertised or purchased price inclusive any delivery charges after all allowances, bonuses, cash backs and discounts applied, as of product advertised and is available for sale by a local retail competitor which actively engaged in the relevant stores' local retail market (competitor)  during the period ten (10) days prior or ten (10) days after the date of your purchase (including online purchase).
    • If your claim qualifies for the Price Match Guarantee, we will match the lower price and + 10% of the price difference within 10 days of your purchase.
    • The Price Match Guarantee does not apply where:
      1. the competitor has an online store only, and does not have a physical retail store in Malaysia
      2. the lower price is conditional, or a price determined after the allowance of any amount for, or is part of a promotion involving, financing, installation, delivery, bundling, rebates, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance or any limited quantity promotion.
      3. the lower price is offered for a bulk purchase.
      4. the lower price is offered under any promotion with a third party (including, but not limited to, promotions with newspapers, exhibitions or other special events)
      5. the lower price is not available to the general public.
      6. the identical product is advertised in classifieds, commercial re-sellers or distributors who sell direct to the public, parallel importers, grey importers, direct importers, fire or liquidation sales, rack, clearance and warehouse outlets.
      7. the lower price has been discounted by the competitor by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, redemption of frequent flyer miles or similar and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost
      8. the lower price has been discounted by the competitor on the basis that the product is a display stock only, end of line, seconds, refurbished/repaired lines, ex demo, limited quantity, clearance, trade or factory seconds, second hand or similar
      9. the lower price is the result of an error by the competitor
      10. the relevant stores is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the lower price or the advertised product is available for purchase.
    • The Price Match Guarantee may be terminated or amended at any time without notice.
    • The Price Match Guarantee is only available to you on the date of purchase or during the period ten (10) days from your date of purchase from a relevant stores (including online).
    • The Price Match Guarantee is subject to you complying with the relevant store's usual terms and conditions of trade.