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Max Stapler HD-10K Blue

* Handy, compact size

* Stapling Capacity:15 Sheets

* Load Capacity: 50 Staples

* Recommended Staples:MAX 10-1M


- Ergonomic design, trouble free stapling every time.

- Has a remover that can be used for removing staples easily.

- Allows tacking, marking it convenient for fixing posters, displays and decorations on walls.

- Staples up to 15 sheets.

- Uses MAX 10 staples.

- Great for commercial, home and school use.


Product Detail:

- Color:Blue

- Stapling Capacity:15 Sheets

- Load Capacity:50 Staples

- Recommended Staples:MAX 10-1M

- Handy, compact size

- Weight: 63g

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