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Japanese Plastic Sugar Storage with Measuring Spoon 650ml

t can be used to store sugar or salt.
The volume is 650 ml.
It has a 5cc measuring spoon.
The spoon can be stored on the back of the lid so it won't touch the salt or sugar.
It can also be used to store seasonings such as salt, flour, and starch.

Outside dimensions size: Approx. 160 ‚— 84 ‚— 98 mm
Capacity: Approx. 650 ml
Body & Lid Heat resistance: 70 degrees
Body & Lid Cold resistant: -20 degrees
Handle & Spoon heat resistant: 120 degrees
Handle & Spoon cold resistant: -20 degrees

Material: Body, Lid/Polystyrene, Handle & Spoon/Polypropylene

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