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KHC870 PESSO Eco Ant Bait (2pcs)


- Ants are social insects and live-in communities we term as colonies.

- They communicate chemically through pheromones.

- Understanding the behaviour of ants and the colony system they operate in is vital in combatting these very efficient and highly coordinated pests.


- When installing the Pesso Eco Ant Bait simply locate area where ant presence or activity is detected and apply one station of Eco Ant Bait each time at the area.

- Place bait along identified ant trail for maximum effectiveness.

- The ants will consume the bait and will bring to the nest. They will distribute the bait to the colony members. Eventually, the whole colony will be eliminated.

- The main ingredient of Pesso Eco Ant Bait is Boric Acid, a commonly used  food preservative with the ability to act as a carrier.

- Wash your hands after handling bait to avoid cross contamination and other resulting complications.


1 x PESSO Eco Ant Bait 2pcs