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BWS400 Bossman Aerosol Waterproofing Spray

BOSSMAN 400ml BWS400 Aerosol Water Proof Solution Spray Water Stop Water Repellent Nano Spray Waterproof Agent

Bossman waterproof solution will form very strong chemical bonds to provide excellent water proofing, water beading and permeability to water vapor. It is specially formulated with nano molecules material which ensure deep penetration into subtrate and helps to seals void, cracks and capillaries. It has very good stability to UV lights therefore can be used for exterior and interior. Just take within 1 hour to be done without remove the ceramic.

- Provides excellent water proofing

- Seals voids, ccracks and capillaaries

- Easy to apply, self-leveling properties

- Anti-fungus

- Invisible

- Low odour

- No sticky

- Penetrate up to 10mm

- Suitable for both interior and exterior use

- Long lasting

- Suitable for wood also

- Excellent water proofing

- Easy clean

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