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"ARALDITE" 2 x 15ml 5min High-Performance Epoxy Adhesive (Rapid)

Colour: White
Setting time: 5minutes Super strong gap filling epoxy
Application: metal, glass, wood, rigid plastics, ceramics, concrete etc
Mix 1 to 1 ratio from resin and hardener tube
Mix throughly and apply within 5minutes, to both joint surfaces
Tie and hold firmly for at least 10minutes, using tape, clamps, strings and etc
Newly bonded joint can be handled after 3 hours or more

How To Use:-
Make sure the surfaces to be joined are clean,dry and free from grease.Roughen smooth,glossy surfaces.Squeeze out equal amounts of Resin and Hardener.Mix thoroughly and use within 5 minutes(18-24•C room temperature).
Apply mix to both joint surfaces.Assemble parts and hold together with clamps,tape,string or weights,etc.for 10-15 minutes.The newly bonded joint can be handled after 3 hours and attains its full strength after about 8 hours.

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