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Self Watering Flower Pot Stackable Vertical Planter Wall Hanging Durable For Garden Balcony Pasu Bunga

Color: Green

Size: L 26.5cm x W 14cm x H 15.5cm

100% high quality

Material: resin

1. Durable, water-saving, drought-resistant, light-transmitting, self-priming, not easily deformed, corrosion-resistant,

degradable, breathable

2. Application scenarios: furniture, office, home

3. Made of resin material, not fragile, resistant to high and low temperatures.

4. Stackable design, can be stacked on the wall.

5. The hole in the inner pot keeps the plant breathing well.

6. Removable inner pot, easy to change plants.

7. Simple imitation porcelain design, strong and durable.

8. Drain holes can be plugged to prevent water leakage.

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