BOSSMAN Gasoline Powered Chain Saw BCS5818

  • Bossman Gasoline Powered
  • Chainsaw 18” Inch
  • Rated Power 2.3kw/8500rpm, 58cc - 27727
  • 1. High Quality Chain It is applied to portable light-duty chain saw, which is low rebound and vibrating It has high performance with low vibrating for right-angled cut, which is more suitable for clean wood cutting with high efficiency
  • 2. Braking System It lowers down the possibility of damage and ensures the user's safety.
  • 3. Air Filter Lock Dismantle and wash the air filter without tools in a short time
  • 4. Starter System Adapt super e-starter with two spring and buffer action
  • Engine type: 2 Stroke
  • Displacement: 58cc
  • Rated Power: 2.3kw / 8500rpm
  • Bar Length: 18”
  • Chain Pitch-Gauge: 3/8” – 0.058”
  • Idle Speed: 3300rpm ± 200
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 550ml Oil Tank Capacity: 260ml