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KHC872 PESSO Eco Cockroach Bait (2pcs)

When installing Pesso Eco Cockroach Bait simply place bait at area where cockroach activity or presence is suspected or detected. Place more than one as necessary depending on the area of intended coverage.


Do not wet the gel as this will reduce its effectiveness.  


Wash your hands after handling bait to avoid cross contamination and other resulting complications.


The main active ingredient is Boric Acid, which works effectively as both attractant and carrier. And entire colonies of these pesky cockroached are soon eliminated. Pesso's Eco Cockroach Bait is designed to be effective against all major pest species of cockroaches including German, American, Brownbanded and oriental cockroaches. Eco Cockroach Bait is ideal for use in homes, offices as well as large-scale facilities including restaurants, warehouses, hotels, transportational vehicles, ships and vessels, and factories.