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RIDSECT Liquid Heater 60N 44ml 662867

Ridsect Liquid Heater 60N is Ridsect first liquid electric vaporizer that turns itself On and Off automatically so you dont have remember to plug in at the right time, night after night. This intelligent heater has a programmable timer that remembers your settings. Choose the hours of protection from 8 or 12 hrs. It will begin to work automatically at that very same time and duration, day after day. No need to remember again when to plug it in or out!
It also comes with 3 intensity modes to give you the right level of protection for your bedroom (Low, Medium, High).

For Culex Mosquito, Aedes Mosquito
Automatic ON/OFF with 3 adjustable time interval.
60 nights of effective mosquito repellency (*based on 8 hours nightly usage).
3 Adjustable Intensity mode.
Easy to use.
Good quality and value for money.
One unit is sufficient for a room measuring 30 m sq.
For optimal efficacy, activate the heater 30 minutes in advance.
For effective protection, use the same brand of refill and vaporiser/heater
Liquid refill available.

How to use:
Unscrew the refill cap and insert the refill in the diffuser.
Choose your time setting and intensity mode before plugging in.
Ensure refill is firmly fitted, switch on to activate the intelligent vaporizer.
The device will automatically switch ON/OFF per your setting.
Replace refill once finished.

Always ensure that the vaporizing heater is at upright position when using.
Unscrew the refill and seal it with the original cap if you are not going to use the vaporiser/heater for a long time.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Read the label before use.

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