Serbajadi Cauliflower Seeds BBS 036

Type of vegetable: Sprouting heads
Edible parts: The large heads of immature flowers, known as curds and leaves which can be cooked as a cabbage
Best soil: Best in soil that is moisture-retentive and prepared with generous quantities of compost. Need a higher pH than most brassicas, so the soil should be well limed before planting. Nitrogen content should not be too high.
How to plant: Best sown into an outdoor nursery bed or modules under cover and transplanted into final positions as young plants
When to harvest: Cauliflowers should be harvested when the head is tight and well formed, but before the flowers begin to open.
How to harvest: Cut mature heads a good way down the stem then cut a cross in the top of what remains to enhance the formation of supplementary heads.
Care: Cover the plants with fleece to prevent butterflies from laying eggs. Slugs, snails, aphids, and whiteflies all enjoy brassicas.