Serbajadi Pak Choy (White Stem) BBS 039

Pak Choy, also called Chinese Cabbage, is a Chinese vegetable that's easy to grow. It is a small slow bolting plant with a rosette of upright leaves with thickened and flattened usually white petioles and with round smooth leaves and thick pure white stalks This is a fast-growing annual; do well in a hot, wet summer climate, and can be ready in as little as five weeks. It's a favorite in a wide variety of Chinese and Asian stir-fry recipes. It can also be steamed. Pak Choy is usually chopped before being cooked, but small specimens may be cooked whole.

Type of vegetable: Leafy
Edible parts: Leaves, stems and shoots
Best soil: Plant in rich, loose garden soil with a pH level of 6.0-6.8 is most suitable. Induce fast growth with an early application of fertiliser. Keep the soil moist.
How to plant: Pak Choy is grown from seed. The seeds can be directly seeded into your garden, or seeded indoors for transplanting later. Sow seeds and cover lightly with 1/4" or less of fine garden or seed starting soil. Seeds germinate in 7- 10 days. Space or thin plants to 6" - 10" apart in rows 18" - 30" apart. When to harvest: 45 -50 days when leaves are 12” to1 8” tall
How to harvest: For greens, use whole plants when they are small. Cut off 2” to 3” from base of the stem.
Care: Keep soil moist. Weed regularly. Maintain good drainage. Nitrogenous top dressing is required at regular intervals to obtain full leaf development. Full exposure to sunlight is required for optimum growt