Silver Hawk Super Polish 200g

Silverhawk Super Polish cleans, shines and protects all paints, old and new, metallic and solid paintwork in one easy step without hard rubbing. It removes light scratches, road tar, tree sap, paint oxidation and water stain and provides a long lasting protective coat that your vehicle needs. Leaving no powdery residue in body seams, molding, trim or details, which are excellent for both hand and tool polish.


Direction for use:

Wash and dry car thoroughly by using Silverhawk Wash & Wax

Pour Silverhawk Super Polish onto a clean and dry soft cloth

Apply in circular motion to one section at a time

Let it dry and wipe off with a clean soft cloth


For best result:

Apply under shade while car surface still in hot condition after direct under sunlight. For maximum shine and protection, apply second coat within 4 weeks