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STANLEY FatMax Professional Measuring Wheel (77-108)

STANLEY FatMax Professional Measuring Wheel (77-108) - Measuring Layout Tool High Quality Durable

- Solid steel wheel with one meter circumference

- Heavier weight for more rugged applications

- Solid wheel to stop brush or branches jamming it

- Exact metric counter for accuracy

- Large easy to read numbers

- Display metre and centimetre measurements up to 10,000 metres

- Impact resistant housing prevents damage plus large easy to use reset lever

- Positive handle latch - Easy to operate in all weathers and with gloves, makes going from storage to operation easy and fast

- Break protection for long life

- Easy to use sring loaded brake prevents movement from known point

- Secure on uneven surfaces and prevents fatigue and saves time

- Steel frame with powder coat finish for strenght and protection against rust and corrosion

Code: 77-108

Height: 400mm

Weight: 3300g

High Quality Product by Aneka

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