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STANLEY Laser Distance Measurer TLM165 (77-139)

STANLEY Laser Distance Measurer TLM165 (77-139) - Laser Measuring System High Quality Durable

- Working range: 165' (50m)

- Accuracy: +/- 1/16" (1.5mm)

- Provides distance / area / valume calculation

- Continous Measurement - finds distance from a target quickly and easily

- Addition / subtraction - convenient way to calcurate in the field, using standard measurement units

- Indirect measurement using Phythagoras-Measure distances even when point A and /or point B isn't accessible for linear measurement

- Memory - unit stores last 5 measurements taken for reference

- Backlit, 2 line display - provides visibility in all working conditions

- Corner stand-off - end post makes true corner-to-corner measurements easy and accurate

- Overmolded housing and IP 54 water / debris resistance - durable product with high level of protection from dust / debris / water

Code: 77-139

High Quality Product by Aneka

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