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STANLEY Locking Pliers Straight Jaw 7in/175mm (84-370)

STANLEY Locking Pliers Curved Straight Long Jaw - Utility Heavy Duty Holding Tool

- Serrated jaws made of chrome molybdenum material

- Heat-treated adjustable screw

- Long straight nose provides easy access in narrow, hard to reach places

- Ideal for precision work

- Curved jaws puts tremendous pressure on 4 points at any style or bolt head

- Straight jaws provides maximum contact on flat, square & hex work

- Ideal for welding & other metal work


84-367 Curved Jaw (5inch / 127mm)

84-368 Curved Jaw (7inch / 175mm)

84-370 Straight Jaw (7inch / 175mm)

84-396 Long Nose (6.5inch / 165mm)

High Quality Product by Aneka

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