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STANLEY Tylon Tape 8m / 26ft (36-195)

STANLEY Tylon Tape 5m/16ft 8m/26ft - Measuring Layout Tool High Quality Durable

- Entire Blade coated with Mylar polyester film for added durability

- 16" and 19.2" stud center markings simplify framing jobs

- Compact, ergonimic case is 10% smaller than PowerLock(R) classictapes, making it perfect for smaller settings

- ABS, shock-proof, chrome steel case

- 3-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside/outside measurements

- Forward blade lock design simplifies locking and unlocking the blade

- Wear plate protects case from cuts and nicks

Code: 30-696 / 30-656 / 36-195

Blade Length: 5m / 16ft ; 8m / 26ft

Blade Width: 1" / 25mm

High Quality Product by Aneka

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