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We Tried Aneka’s Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth To Tell You What We Think!

March 31, 2021 3 min read

Mircrofiber cloths are touted as the holy grail of cleaning tools nowadays, as they come with a whole slew of benefits. Gone are the days where we use random pieces of cloths or rags made from old cotton T-shirts to wipe down surfaces. Featuring millions of fibers, microfiber cloths use positive and negative charges to attract and pull up dirt or other matter you want removed, all without using any chemicals! As such, there are now plenty of microbfiber cloths and brands available, and we’re here to bring your attention to Aneka Home Essentials, in which we’ve tried their Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth to tell you what we think!

What Is A Microfiber Cloth?

First things first, let’s understand microfiber cloths a little better. As its name suggests, microfiber is an extremely fine fiber, which is also synthetic, having a diameter of about 0.38 microns. Most commonly, microfibers are made up of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. There could be other combinations chosen for specific characteristics, such as softness, water absorbency, filtering ability, and electrostatics among others.

How Does A Microfiber Cloth Clean, And Why Is It More Effective Compared To Other Cloths?

During the manufacturing process, the fibers can be further split to create multiple strands in a single fiber, and split fibers make for the most effective cleaning. The Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth has extremely small microfibers, about 1/200th of the size of human hair. Expertly woven, the cloth features dense and strong knits. The tiny pores in between fibers carry a positive electrical charge that can attract negatively-charged dust particles to its pores, leaving surfaces clean. It also has excellent water absorption and retention. In comparison, cotton pushes dirt around, rather than attracting it. It can also harbour odour and bacteria, while microfiber cloths which contain antibacterial agents can have self-purifying abilities.

Trying The Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth

Armed with only the Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth and water, we cleaned our kitchen, testing the cloth out on various common ingredients that can cause spills in the kitchen. We’ll let the pictures and videos do the talking:

The Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth also has very strong water absorbency, shown below:

Besides testing the cloth out with the specific ingredients as shown above, we also used it for “regular” wiping of countertops and the dining table. The cloth is rather large, so you can cover more surface area at once. Wiping surfaces doesn’t provide you with a silky smooth experience, but the cloth absorbs liquid and picks up debris well!

How Do I Take Care Of My Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth?

The Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth is actually easy to clean and wash, only requiring you to rinse the cloth with water for minor dirt. For more stubborn stains on the cloth, simply soak it in a mixture of detergent and warm water. Take note that water should be just warm, and not boiling, and don’t use bleach or fabric softener on the cloth as well! The Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Mibrofiber cloth contains antibacterial agents, so it does have self-purifying abilities.

In short, the Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth is a handy, helpful tool in the kitchen that helps you wipe your kitchen down efficiently, leaving you with more time to do other activities instead.

Get your Aneka Antibacterial Kitchen Microfiber Cloth today, and also check out the Aneka General Purpose Microfiber Cloth, or the Aneka Glass Cloth to wipe down other surfaces. For more home essentials, visit anekahome.com!

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