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Privacy Policy


ANEKA DIY have taken a great deal of care to ensure that any personal information you send us remains totally confidential.

All credit card information is encrypted when it is transferred over the Internet using SSL Encryption.

All personal information is held on a Secure Server and will not be used in any way without your express permission.

Privacy Policy

ANEKA DIY respect the need to protect your privacy.

In order to process your orders and to provide you, if required, with details of those orders at a later stage we do need to collect a certain amount of personal data. Our policy is to collect and retain only the information we require to enable us to carry out our obligations to you and, for the avoidance of doubt, we have detailed below the information we retain.

When you place an order with ANEKA DIY we collect the following information:

i) Personal Details

Your E-Mail Address, Daytime Telephone Number, Home Address and Post Code and Delivery Address and Post Code. This information enables us to process your orders and to advise you of the status of your orders.

A Password. The first time you order you are asked to register by entering a password. This password enables us to identify you when you revisit our Website. The benefits to you are that, by entering your password, you do not need to re-enter your address details when you re-order and that, by clicking on the support buttons, you can check the status of any orders you have already placed.

Your Credit Card Details i.e. Credit Card Type, Number, Expiry Date etc. This information is sent to us in an encrypted form and is stored on a secure server. This information enables us to process your order.

This sensitive information is held only as long as necessary for us to meet our obligations to you and the credit card companies.


iii) Cookies

ANEKA DIY do use temporary Cookies to track our customers use of the website. We use this information solely for the purpose of ensuring that the content of the website meets our customer’s requirements.

iv) Data Protection Responsibility

ANEKA DIY accepts responsibility as Data Controller for all information collected via this website. In its capacity as Data Controller, ANEKA DIY has written undertakings from all third party Data Processors that it will protect all personal data received as required by the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998.