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W1014 WORKER Bullet Type Earplug w/Cord

Protect your hearing:NRR 32 (noise reduction level),use these earplugs to avoid hurting your ears and hearing in the water or in loud environments.

Wide range of uses:Suitable for concerts,noisy bars,restaurants and construction sites,metal glass cutting workshops,reducing,silencing and blocking sound.Protect your ears while swimming and water sports,airplanes,etc.

Health and environmental protection:Made of soft silicone material,the design is super comfortable and can adjust your ears.These reusable earplugs are comfortable even when worn for a long time.They are water resistant and can be cleaned and reused.

Simple structure:Each pair of earbuds comes with a waterproof bead rope to prevent loss and reduce the time you spend looking for earplugs.Equipped with a mini waterproof case with a live clasp,it can be conveniently stored and carried around,always providing you with a healthy and quiet environment.

Quality Assurance:Lifetime Warranty.It is recommended that you clean before and after the belt to ensure the cleanliness of the product.



NRR 32


Reusable & Washabl

BPA Free Silicone


Superior Comfort Design

1 Soft Waterproof plastic rope




This noise reduction level earplug can effectively reduce the damage of your environment to the ear. The three-layer design of the Christmas tree can be applied to different ear canal structures.

These earplugs are great for many uses, including:


Bars and parties


Swimming and Watersports


Flying and Travel

Construction Sites


Commercial Areas




These earplugs are not only designed with your safe in mind, they are perfectly comfort too! Made of silicone material so they are BPA free and hypoallergenic, anyone can wear them without fear of skin irritation or harmful chemicals.

With a connecting cord design, you are relieved of the trouble of looking for a single earplug, they are always together

The matching of different colors makes it easy for you to use in different occasions, keeping your overall image, intimate and dazzling perfect


For your safe and comfortable life, this will always be with you.

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