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KHC869 Pesso Lizard Repellent 400ml

Cleaning Ordinary household detergents could be used to clean off the lizard repellent. On non-absorbent surfaces like metal, glass, plastic, etc. Just wipe with a CLEAN DRY CLOTH.

Medical Treatment:Pesso Lizard Repellent does not contain any insecticide. Treatment is symptomatic. If sprayed on eyes, wash with plenty water. If still feel irritation, seek medical advice.

Content: Organic Solvent, Orange Oils, Prophane, Buthane, Fine Powders


Before each spray: Shake the can by turning it upside down several times

After spraying: Turn can upside down and push sprays head for approximately 2 seconds to clear valve and spray nozzle.

Distance Spray at 50 cm (20 in) distance from targeted surface.

Spray thin layer ( 1 meter length per 1 second of spray)

Drying time: Drying time approximately 30 minutes

Keep away from children

Do not expose this product under direct hot sun

Do not store at car under hot sun

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To prevent lizards from coming into the house from outside, spray on the areas surrounding door and window frames, gutter, ventilation hole etc. Spray on hiding places of lizards such as wall areas behind cabinet, picture and painting, refrigerator, clock, calendar, curtain etc.Special attention should be given to wall or ceiling area aroung light to make sure that they are well sprayed.

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