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Aneka General Purpose Microfiber Cloth 350gsm 35cm x 35cm

Benefits of Using Aneka Ultra-Fine Microfiber Cloth

Are you tired of using chemical cleaning products every time you clean spills or surfaces around your home?

Today, we want to introduce a safe and effective cleaning method. It relies on using Aneka Microfiber Cloth and water only.

You don't need any cleaning solutions that are made from chemicals that harm the environment.

At the same time, we offer the best quality to our Malaysian customers. Here are more benefits of using Aneka Microfiber cloth

1.Reusable up to 300 times:The Aneka Microfiber Cloth can be reused up to 300 times without losing its cleaning ability.
bsorbs 99% of bacteria and germs: With its highly absorbent pores, it picks up microbes without needing disinfectants.
Superior water absorption:It absorbs much more water than the ordinary microfiber or cotton cloths. It's very dense and has more water pockets.
Water cleaning:You will only need to wet the Aneka Microfiber Cloth before use. It removes stubborn stains and spills with water only.
Cost-effective cleaning:Save money by not having to purchase many cleaning cloths or cleaning products.
Protects and improves your family's life: Indoor pollution from cleaning products is a huge problem. This may affect the quality of life and health. That's why we recommend our microfiber cloths to keep your family safe.

What is the Science Behind the Aneka Microfiber Cloth?
Let's first explain how a normal microfiber cloth works. They are usually made by mixing nylon (also called polyamide) and polyester. The plastics are usually heated & blended to form a consistent molten mix that's forced through tiny pores. This creates small threads that are woven together to create large fibers. Big fibers are there split into smaller microfibers.

Aneka Microfiber Cloths are special because the microfibers are extremely small in size, about 1/100th of the size of human hair. We use an innovative method of fracturing big fibers into microfibers that relies on using a unique solution instead of physically crushing them using rollers, which creates uneven splits. The fibers are also expertly woven to create dense and strong knits.

The tiny pores in between fibers carry a positive electrical charge that can attract negatively charged dust particles during dry cleaning. The cloth also lifts and attracts dust and bacteria to its pores, leaving surfaces clean. You also enjoy excellent water absorption and retention.

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