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【BUY 1 FREE 1】Aneka Heavy Duty Tile Stain Remover 1L

Product Features:
Effective on mosaic and tile cleaning
Against stubborn dirt, grease, urine stain, cement, organic & inorganic sediments
Instant result

How to use:
1) Wet the mosaic floor with water to avoid the surface from damage.
2) Apply some Aneka Heavy Duty Tile Stain Remover onto the wet floor (1 Meter x 1 Meter)
3) Brush the floor surface
4) Rinse the floor surface with water
5) Repeat Step 1 to 4 to another surface stain

- Wet the surface before the application.
- Wash small portion per portion (about 1m X 1m)
- Do not mix with alkaline cleaner or bleaching agents, harmful fumes may occur.
- Please wear rubber gloves and slippers for your own protection.