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Faber Mech Pencil Set Shark 0.5 - 130001

Mechanical pencil Shark 0.7 mm

When it comes to precise, smooth and uniform writing a mechanical pencil is the best choice.
Comfortable and ergonomic grip zones provide a pleasant but yet exact result.
Mechanical pencils are ideal for sketching, drawing and writing.
Choose between two line widths: the 0.7 mm lead for particularly break-resistant writing or the 0.5 mm lead for fine writing. There are various ways of lead advancement available: from automatic, shaking, side click to top click.

Product details

- Available in three colours
- Rubber grip zone is formed like a shark mouth
- With PVC-free black eraser
- With retractable sleeve to prevent pockets from being damaged
- Available in 0.5 and 0.7mm