Ridsect Goodnight Liquid Refill 44ml

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Ridsect Liquid Heater 60N Refill is a liquid vaporiser refill to be used with liquid electric  vaporiser. It repels mosquitoes and protects you effectively all night long for a peaceful sleep until you switch it off. 

• 60 nights of effective mosquito repellency.
• One unit is sufficient for a room measuring 30 m sq.
• For optimal efficacy, heat up the unit for 15 min after plugged in.
• Easy to use.
• Good quality and value for money.

How to use: 

• Unscrew the refill cap and insert the refill in the diffuser.
• Screwing the refill gently into the diffuser until it is firmly fitted. Remember to not cover the device and leave a clearance of about 60 cm from other objects.
• Once refill is firmly fitted into the diffuser, switch it on to activate difuser.
• Swittch off diffuser if not in use.

• Always ensure that the vaporizing heater is at upright position when using.
• Unscrew the refill and seal it with the original cap if you are not going to use the vaporiser/heater for a long time.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Read the label before use.